About Rhino Design Works

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I started Rhino Design Works after 15 years of sales and marketing in the publishing industry. Looking over those years, I realized I was most in love with my job when doing the work, rather than managing the people or process. I was filling my spare time with home design projects, handmade gifts, crafts—anything where I could be creative.

So in 2005 Rhino Design Works was launched. Since then, I’ve been happily making my living creating materials that best serve my clients. My many years of experience in sales and marketing help me develop work that speaks successfully to their customers. I want the designs I create for you to get attention, to best reflect who you are at a glance, to let your customers know you understand them.

  • My tools are mainly Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Plus my cameras, my eyeballs, and my crazy brain.
  • The type of work I do is primarily what you see here—logos, print work of any kind, web images.
  • I have a BA in English from University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • My two office partners are four-legged and spend most of their time napping and playing. Not much use work-wise, but they sure are cute.